Michael Hunter McVay

“Michael, Little Boy Black & Blue: Surviving the Effects of a Poisonous Child Abuser”

ISBN-13 979-8701820690

The inspiring survival story of a Mississippi boy who experienced decades of abuse and torture at the hands of a maniac!Michael, Little Boy Black & Blue, chronicles the life and the experiences of an LGBTQ+ youth who endured unimaginable mental and physical abuse and violence starting at the age of five, in the early 1960s, continuing through the gay movement and Anita Bryant years of the 1970s, the AIDS epidemic, and its backlash of the 1980s and beyond, which resulted in Michael’s development of severe complex PTSD, BDD, and other health conditions.

Michael and his mother were both brutalized by a lumbering 6’8″ violent man who took extreme delight in his own insanity, brutality and cruelty. “Punishments” continued through high school, and Michael’s early adulthood. He takes you with him during some of these…

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