Michael Hunter McVay

The Repulsive Tales of Wayward Fern: When Drinking and Thinking Don’t Mix

ISBN-13 979-8710324011

After going through a breakup with her significant other in Texas, Fern suddenly finds herself washing out her cooter in a lake in Meridian, Mississippi. Fern is an adventurous young go-getter who loves to dance, drink, smoke, and unwittingly turn everyone’s world upside down by her mere presence alone! In Meridian, Fern finds and falls in love with a hard-working, career man, Curtis, who soon becomes entangled in her unhinged web of insanity, promiscuity, and utter ridiculousness. Curtis is openly gay – but this is no Will & Grace story!

Once Fern is cut loose, all Hell breaks loose! Maybe she means well, but her efforts rarely end as intended. Fern goes after whatever she wants, and no one seems to stand in her way, but her life is a puzzle, and there are…

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